Two toddlers have a hug-out

At the immigration getting my PR (Permanent Residency) for Malaysia, I was very, very bored. As you can guess by the title, there was a little Chinese boy (around 3 years old) who was bored, like me, and was looking for a friend to play with. A Malay boy, probably 2 years old started to play with him. They were both running around together squealing with delight, lighting smiles on everyone’s faces at the sight of a new friendship growing. But the only person who wasn’t smiling was the Malay boy’s mother, whom was frowning in disapproval. The Chinese boy’s mother simply kept an eye on him, but the other mother just looked away from them, leaving her husband to look after them. Unfortunately, the 11 years I spent growing up in Malaysia allowed me to realise that families tend to see other races as something disapproving, and dislike it when a family member spends time with someone of another race. A bit like my family really, my dad is Malaysian and my mum is British.

hug   hugs

These are not what I saw, but is very similar to my experience, the first one, at an airport, where to young girls held hands while in line. Their mothers were oblivious. The second was at a park (I’m guessing), but they just ran up to eachother and hugged :) From my point of view, adults are thinking to hard with their head, and are not trying to think with their heart, as the toddlers are. But the story doesn’t end there, there was another Chinese boy, probably about 4 who was on his mum’s iPhone. The Malay boy was trying to see what he was up to and they ended up hugging. Totally adorable, the other boy felt left out so tried to converse with some other Malay boy of the age 5, but sadly, he was left completely and utterly ignored. No smiles, no words, just pure ignorance. In my opinion, I’d think that parents bring up their kids in an attempt to sway them away from other races. But in my old school in Singapore, that simply wasn’t the case, we were friends with anyone and everyone. Perhaps you understand as you get older, and end up disliking them turning into adults with a hatred for other races.

Thank you for reading! (If you did…)